olympic rings


Now that the Winter Olympics are in full swing, I know I have television to watch every night for the next couple weeks.  I love watching the Olympics.  I can watch my favorite sport, figure skating, as well as ones I haven’t heard of or that aren’t normally televised.  When else can you watch skiing, curling, or luge?!  There are many feel good stories from athletes around the world as you learn about their journey to the Games.


Additionally, it is a time when our nation and, more importantly, the world, come together and unite for a common goal.  The entire country roots for our athletes and has a sense of national pride.  I love watching the Parade of Nations at the Opening Ceremonies, watching everyone march in with a smile, hearing countries’ names I’ve never heard of, and seeing how many athletes are from each country.  For the majority of these athletes, this is their one shining moment.  I had chills watching the athletes march in and seeing the Olympic flame get lit.


Let’s root for all the athletes as they complete in the Winter Olympics.  How can we keep this sense of pride and connection going everyday, all year round?

torch lighting