About Me

teaching words

I am passionate about teaching and helping all students learn.  I want to inspire them to try new things and discover  new areas of interests.  When I plan my lessons, I think about how I can make my instruction engaging; I research ideas to present material clearly, use manipulatives, and involve students during lessons.   I also differentiate my instruction and activities for the different learning styles and ability levels in my classroom.  Every day, I reflect on what went well and what I need to reteach to help my students fully understand the content.  It is important to me to form relationships with my students, so they feel supported and I learn their interests and strengths.  I enjoy collaborating work with my students’ support team to share ideas and resources, so we can best help students learn.

Outside of teaching, I continue to have a love for learning.  I love traveling, and it is my goal to visit all 50 states!  I enjoy taking pictures of my traveling adventures.  I am constantly reading, whether it is the news, articles via social media, or novels; I also participate in a book club with an alumni group.  To clear my mind, I work out by running and doing yoga.  I also enjoy cooking and baking.

I am active on social media sites, especially Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I use Twitter to share ideas, read articles, and learn from others.  On Pinterest, I look for ideas, resources, and activities to use in my classroom.  These professional development opportunities have given me the opportunity to share ideas with others as well as learn new tools and methods I can incorporate into my classroom.