Student Work

I believe students should be active participants throughout the school day.  Students want to discover their own ideas and share their thoughts, and it is my responsibility as a teacher to provide them with these experiences.  Often, I model concepts as an introduction and show what is expected, but then I provide multiple opportunities for students to experiment, practice, and work together to complete tasks and demonstrate their learning.  Throughout the school day, students are reading, writing, using manipulatives, completing projects, working with partners or small groups, and using technology.  When students practice concepts multiple times in different ways and can explain their thinking, they show that they have truly learned a concept.  Making real-world connections is important as well so students understand why they are learning something.  Authentic learning is powerful because students make personal connections with the ideas and truly understand the concepts.

On this page are examples of student work from my various teaching experiences. Click on the pictures and links to more clearly see the examples.  Also check out my blog to read more about specific activities and lessons I’ve taught.

Student Work

Elementary Classroom Teacher-Oakwood School and Indian Prairie School District 204

Summer School Teacher Lake Zurich District 95 and Northbrook/Glenview District 30

Special Education Long-term Substitute at Owen Elementary School