Second Grade Teacher

I was a second grade teacher for 19 students at Kipling School in Deerfield, Illinois.  I often used guided reading groups, math centers,and student-led activities to meet the needs of all students in my classroom.  Additionally, we were a 1:1 school, so all my students had iPads that were incorporated into their learning.  In reading, I taught the Common Core State Standards using one main fiction and nonfiction text each quarter.  Additional stories and resources were incorporated throughout lessons and reading groups.  Close Reading was also taught during reading groups to give students strategies to use while reading.  In math, the Common Core Standards were also taught using hands-on and problem solving activities; additional resources and the Bridges curriculum were supplemented.

Additionally, I  created a classroom community and incorporated the Whole Brain teaching philosophy into my classroom; this encouraged students to support each other and work together.  I learned about each of my students’ interests, learning styles, and strengths. I met often with the Second Grade Team as we shared ideas and resources to incorporate the Common Core Standards into our instruction.  I also met with the coaches, RTI specialist, and support staff to discuss student progress and strategies to best help my students learn and grow.  Below is a summary of my accomplishments and responsibilities.

Please also check out my class twitter account, where we tweeted what is going on in our classroom.


  • Teach Common Core Standards during reading using one main fiction and nonfiction text each quarter
  • Teach close reading, context clues, and vocabulary strategies during guided reading
  • Use Bridges and other resources to teach Common Core Math standards.  Incorporate manipulatives, student explanations, IXL math, and Xtra math to differentiate and further instruction
  • Give weekly timed math fluency tests
  • Use Words Their Way to teach spelling strategies
  • Use Scott Foresman social studies and science resources
  • Have 1:1 iPads in the classroom

Other Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly with parents via weekly newsletter, emails,and phone calls
  • Post homework and resources using Edmodo
  • Regularly meet with second grade team to discuss curriculum and share ideas
  • Am the 2nd Grade representative for the Building Articulation Committee
  • Communicate often with coaches, RTI instructor,and support staff
  • Complete benchmark testing: MAP, School City (can create own assessments as well)
  • Complete trimester progress reports and held Parent-Teacher Conferences

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