It’s the beginning of 2017, time to reflect and set resolutions.  For the past few years, I’ve had similar resolutions-things I want to think about and be conscious of throughout the year.  Recently, I’ve seen more people setting mantras than resolutions.  Having practiced yoga the past few years and really becoming connected in the past 6 months, this resonates more with me.  My instructors set an intention each practice, and I try to bring these ideas off the mat into my every day life.

So while some have been setting mantras for the year, I’ve been trying to think what mine will be.  But I’ve also realized that what resonates with me now, may not be the same intention I need in a week, a month, halfway through the year…so I’ve also decided that I’m going to set a mantra now, but know that it may change over time.

I was trying to figure out what mantra I would start with.  While at yoga the other day, my instructor was helping us focus on our own practice and not worry what people were doing around the room.  He often encourages us to take modifications and listen to our bodies while we practice.  So he kept repeating throughout class, “Right here, Right now”.  While continuing flowing, I also thought, “This is it!”

My first mantra of 2017 is “Right Here, Right Now”.  My focus will be on what I’m doing in the moment and enjoying it.  Not thinking about what already happened or my to-do list, or what events or deadlines are coming up.  When I continue thinking about the future or past, I don’t enjoy the present.

What’s your mantra?