Even though it is March, the snow and cold make it feel like it’s still winter.  We took a break from our normal routine between reading units to complete a fun, creative writing craft.  Besides being a break, students were able to practice and apply the writing process from brainstorming to creating a final product.

The project we created was titled “What’s in Frosty’s lunchbox?”.  Students got to write, design, and create what he ate for lunch.  They were given the topic and concluding sentences.  First, students completed a brainstorming sheet with food items-a sandwich, fruit, drink, and dessert.  They also needed to use a descriptive word with each item and draw a picture.

IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424

Then, they turned their brainstorms into a written paragraph.  These paragraphs were edited to check sentence structure and help with spelling.  Then, they wrote their final version in their best handwriting.

IMG_0434 IMG_0432 IMG_0433

Students decorated the lunchbox and drew each piece of Frosty’s lunch before cutting it out, so we could make them pop up.

This project took 3 days to complete because of all the steps, but they turned out super cute.  It is important for students to practice the writing process and create an authentic product.

This project could definitely be extended for other characters besides Frosty.  What about Father’s Day-what’s in my dad’s lunch?, Nutrition month-what’s in my healthy lunch?, even a literary character’s lunch-the possibilities are endless!!