Another Tuesday, another blog post!  Today’s theme is Summertime Recharge.  The school year is so busy with lesson planning, teaching, meetings, grading that it’s hard to find time to slow down and relax!  The summer is a perfect time to step back, relax, and recharge to be ready for another great school year!

I like to:

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I try to do yoga throughout the year as a way to exercise and stress relief.  During the summer, I have more choices of classes and can take them throughout the day.  This summer, I decided to do Yoga Teacher Training to get certified to teach.  I have taken 3 training classes a week to learn how to teach, the history, anatomy-it’s a lot of information!  Additionally, I have taken a ton of classes and learned a lot about myself and my body.

The summer is a perfect time to read.  During the year, I try to read at night, but sometimes I’m too exhausted.  I’ve been able to read throughout the day and have added to my yearly total.  I’ve been able to read more books than just my monthly book club book as well!

I love being outside when the weather is warm!  Whether it’s taking a walk, eating on a patio, or sitting on the pool deck relaxing or reading, it’s perfect!

Join in the fun-how do you recharge over the summer?