Last school year in first grade, we made Frosty’s Lunchbox, and I knew the project could be extended to other characters and ideas.  When planning for my summer school class, Write Like a Famous Author, I knew I wanted to do something with Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse during our Kevin Henkes’ week.  I decided to have the students make and write about what’s inside Lilly’s purse; I also gave the students the option to crete what’s in Owen (or another character’s) toolbox or bag.

After reading aloud the story, we brainstormed what items could be in Lilly’s purse.  The students came up with a great list (they did such a great job cleaning up that they erased the board before I could take a picture!)  The students were excited about the project, but didn’t know where to start.  I modeled an example and we brainstormed possible topic sentences.  Then students got started and were very creative.  They worked at their own pace with writing and drawing pictures.  I helped them with cutting the purse and figuring out where to glue the pictures so they popped up.  It took them 1.5 class periods to complete (each class is 90 minutes) but it was worth it since they were engaged and worked hard.  I was pleased with the project turned out and am excited for more creations this summer!

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