peanuts_veil-e1274891657170With 15 days of school left, we got a new student in our class.  Not only is it hard moving to a new school so close to the end of the school year, but she also came from Mexico and does not speak English! It’s like being in a Peanuts classroom all day long-all you hear is “wah wah wah wah!”  Luckily we have a couple ELL students who speak fluent Spanish, and one girl quickly became her buddy.

The first day she walked into the classroom, she was shaking with nerves.  All the students were great-very welcoming and friendly.  They greeted her with Hola!  The really wanted to include her and be her friend.  We told them to give her some time to adjust and not overwhelm her; the best thing they could do was to show her with their actions what to be doing in the classroom.  And on the playground, they could definitely all play together!

It has been fun watching her relax and begin to participate.  She can complete some assignments by copying and practicing English words.  She is able to do basic math.  We found a couple Spanish-English apps on the iPad, and she can listen to Spanish books on TumbleBooks.  While she isn’t talking verbally in the classroom (she has spoken to a friend and small group with the ELL teacher), she does smile and want to be included.

This goes to show when you have a strong classroom community, the children are very supportive of each other and their differences.  And that is extremely rewarding to watch.