The technology specialist wanted to introduce a new app to the first grade students: Pic Collage.  We brainstormed what would be a good subject based on what students were learning.  Remembering that we were discussing communities, I suggested create a collage about things they can find in their community.  We decided that students would have to choose 3 things in their community to create their collage.

As a class, we brainstormed different things that are in our community.  I wanted to make sure students had choices for their pictures, but we wanted some control so they weren’t searching on the open Internet.  We learned it’s important o be prepared and planning takes time because finding pictures for the iPads turned into its own project for me!  In the end, I had to search for and save pictures on one iPad, upload them to Dropbox, and then download them to the other iPads.  I’m not sure if this was the best method, but it worked.

In small groups, the technology specialist and I taught students how to use Pic Collage and it’s different features.  We provided assistance as needed as well as a word wall list.  The students quickly learned how to use the app and became independent workers.  They did a great job and wrote some great sentences describing what’s in their community.









This is a great app for students to create fun projects showcasing different pictures, even ones they’ve taken.  We are already looking for another way to use this app again in our curriculum!

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