teamLast week, I had an amazing opportunity of 2 days of Professional Development provided by my school district to learn how to become better and stronger PLCs (Professional Learning Communities).  There were so many ideas and information presented to us as we learned what makes up a PLN and how some of these ideas can be applied to make us better teachers.

The presentations gave me many opportunities to reflect and ask questions: What aspects of a PLC do we already do well?  What are some components we need to implement or do better?  How can we change the schedule to better utilize our time and resources to become a stronger Team?  When will we start this process?


I was able to also reflect on how lucky I am to be working in a welcoming and strong school.  As an assistant, the first grade team has welcomed my knowledge and experiences as an additional resource; I know what is going on with the schedule, help plan lessons and activities, and share my observations and suggestions.  The support team has also welcomed me and been appreciative of the assistance I’ve provided in the classroom and data I’ve collected for specific students.  We meet and collaborate often to continue supporting students and best meet their needs.  Slowly, these teams are becoming more aware of creating common assessments and collecting data.  While we have a lot of strengths, there are still areas we can improve; with everyone working together, brainstorming, trying new assessments, analyzing data, and providing additional teacher, I am confident we will be able to get better and stronger.


Also, I have continued to realize the strong PLN I have connecting with others via Twitter.  I have access to many articles and blogs, can ask questions, share my ideas, and participate in chats when possible.  I have learned a lot and gathered ideas I have used or want to try in the future in my classroom.  I have also participated in three EdCamps, where I have met some of the people I communicate with in person and have continued learning and growing.  I’m grateful to everyone I have connected with and learned from.


PLCs and PLNs are powerful tools that have helped me become a stronger teacher and learn ideas I never would have created on my own.  I can’t wait to see what the future brings as we continue working together and becoming stronger.